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Dual Tattoo Power Supply ( for 2 machines )

Артикул: CN1378
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This Precision Dual Power Supply has a two circuit switch output, allowing artists to hook up and operate two machines at once. Artists can easily switch between lining and shading machines with the convenient flick of a switch. Artists can browse our selection of foot pedals and phono jack clip cords to run their two tattoo machines.

The power supply has an input voltage of 90–264V AC (50Hz/60Hz) and an output voltage of 1.5–1.8V DC; artists can easily adjust the voltage by 0.1V with each turn of the analog dial. This power supply also features both continuous and momentary modes with LED light displays indicating voltage and current settings. Activate continuous mode by pressing the analog dial. The light will remain on when the power supply is in continuous mode. The light will flash when the power supply is in momentary mode.

The power supply comes with an anti-skid base, allowing for stable procedures. It has a sleek, lightweight design and comes equipped with a power cord.


  • Net Weight: 239.5g
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 78mm x 40mm
  • Equipped with anti-skid foam base
  • Comes with two-circuit switch output; phono connection
  • Input Voltage: 90–264V AC (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Output Voltage: 1.5–1.8V DC; adjustable
  • 0.1V per step adjustment with each turn of the knob (analog dial)
  • Maximum Output Current: 1.5A
  • Two foot pedal modes: continuous or momentary
  • Continuous mode activates with press of a knob (analog dial)
  • LED light displays indicate voltage and current settings
  • Indicator light flashes in momentary mode; light remains on for continuous mode
  • Compatible with phono jack clip cords and footswitches